Call us for Dallas & Fort Worth Computer Repair! Feel like you're lost at sea when it comes to computers? We can help! On-site Fort Worth Computer Repair

 No charge for travel time!

We serve Dallas Fort Worth & the surrounding areas.


At The Geek Down The Street we are an "On Site" business. This means we will come to you! One of our professionals will come to your place of business or residence and do the work right there! We pride ourselves in our ability to provide same day service and First Call Resolution in most cases.

At The Geek Down The Street we will schedule an appointment that is convenient for YOU, then we will come to your home or business and do the work right in front of your eyes! At the same time we will teach you a little bit more about your computer and it's software.

Make us your first call for Fort Worth Computer Repair, you won't be disappointed!


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Data transfer, new PC set up and more!

$125.00 flat rate. Click here for details

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