How To Backup Your Data and Reinstall Windows

Have you tried everything to remove that nasty virus and are at your wits end? Has your computer slowed to a crawl? Follow these steps to backup all your important files and reinstall Windows. Make sure you have a big enough external hard drive to hold all your stuff and plug it in.


Software to download:

Double Driver

Product Key Finder

Fab’s Auto Backup


Steps to backup your data:

  1. First we are going to backup all the drivers installed on your computer. Open Double Driver and click Backup.
  2. Click Scan Current System and the click Backup Now.
  3. Under destination, click then … and choose your external hard drive.
  4. Next we’ll backup the product keys for the software you have installed. Open Product Key Finder and click Save. Choose your external drive and under File name type Product Keys.
  5. Finally we’ll backup your important data. Fab’s Auto Backup will automatically choose most of your important files such as Desktop, Favorites, Music, Pictures, Documents, Email Files and more. A full list can be found here:
  6. Open Fab’s Auto Backup, Under Select users click all the profiles your want to backup.
  7. Under Backup location click the folder and choose your external hard drive. Click next twice and then click Launch.


I’ll leave out the steps on how to install Windows. If you do need instructions I suggest going to YouTube and searching for “Installing Windows 7″ or whatever version of Windows you have. There are a lot of step by step tutorials with video to help you.


Once Windows has been reinstalled we can restore your data.


Steps to restore your data:

  1. First we’ll restore your drivers. Open Double Driver, click Restore and then Locate Backup. Under “Other Location” click the … and select your external hard drive.
  2. Click Restore Now and wait while Double Driver installs your drivers. If there are any popups stating that “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”, choose Install this driver software anyway.
  3. Next we’ll restore your data. open Fab’s Auto Backup and click Restore Data. Under Select your backup folder, click the folder and choose your external hard drive.
  4. Click next multiple times until you finally see the Launch button. Click Launch and wait while Fab’s Auto Backup restores all of your data.
  5. Reinstall any missing programs and don’t forget if you need the product keys they are on your external hard drive in a file called Product Keys.txt.
  6. Enjoy your faster, virus free computer!
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